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Cost effective methods to get results that will outperform any paid advertising strategy

Organic Marketing ↓

This sustainable, cost-effective approach helps grow businesses and gain loyal customers without ad spending, outperforming paid ads long-term. Our courses are a one-time purchase, with no subscriptions or extra fees.

What's in the courses?

Our courses cover everything from the basics like social media to partnerships and affiliate programs. Modules also cover management and sales.

All courses include ↓

3 Checklists for business, branding, and marketing. All checklists are pre-made to work in many different industries.

70 Sales Funnels pre-made to fit 15 different industries from E-commerce and SaaS to Real Estate and Insurance

Bonus: 4 E-Books on digital marketing for cultural marketing and chatbots.

Who is it for?

Our aim is to assist entrepreneurs in growing their business for long-term profitability, we've seen many quit because of a reliance on paid advertising.

Our program has helped e-commerce store owners to grow their business to $10k per month as well as helping social media marketing agencies offer untapped services to acquire more clients than anybody else.

Regular updates?

We are constantly releasing updates (that you get for free) to ensure maximum relevancy for you and your business.

We share news on algorithms, new trends, and the latest success stories that our members share (might be you!).

Introduction to Organic Marketing Dumontia

Introduction to Organic Marketing

In this foundational introduction, you will dive deep into the world of organic marketing, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its...


Conquer Social Media

The Social Media Marketing course is your gateway to unlocking the true potential of social media platforms as powerful tools for...


Master Search Engines

Become a master of search engine optimization (SEO) in the dedicated course. You will explore the essentials of SEO, including...


Sell Through Others

In the Affiliate Programs course, you will dive deep into the intricate world of affiliate marketing. This comprehensive module will...


Long-Term &
Cost Effective


Grow Your Network

Unlock the potential of strategic alliances and co-marketing efforts in the Partnerships & Collaborations course. This program will illuminate the...


Develop Your Business

Gain invaluable insights into efficient resource management. This knowledge is crucial for implementing organic marketing strategies effectively within your business...


Grow Your Brand

This branding course is dedicated to the art of building a strong and enduring brand. You will discover strategies to craft...


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Working with Dumontia has substantially uplifted my business dynamics. Their premium resources have been a key factor in steering me towards handling business challenges and viewing them as opportunities for substantial growth.

Jessica R.

Los Angeles, CA


The level of expertise and practical guidance that Dumontia offers is truly remarkable.

Carla Liko



As a business owner, securing the resources to elevate my business operations was always challenging until I encountered Dumontia. Their expert strategies and tips have been pivotal in advancing not just my business acumen but also fostering innovation and efficiency in my operations.




Leveraging their insights, I've been able to cultivate a resourceful mindset that is constantly adapting and innovating. Truly, Dumontia is reshaping the way I approach business.

Joshua Plorti

Geneva, GE


Their expansive resources have been integral in helping me realize the full potential of my business. Leveraging their forward-thinking business development strategies has not only enabled me to enhance my professional capabilities but also to remain committed to the continuous growth of my enterprise.

Lily T.

Capetown, SA


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London, UK


My brand now stands strong, with a clear vision and a robust strategy, ready to compete at the highest levels. The team at Dumontia is committed to excellence, and it shows in the results.

Alice Wert

Warsaw, Poland